Skill cap = 80 (100 with a +20 powerscroll)​

Total skill cap = 560​

Stat cap = 75​

Total statcap = 175 (200 with a +25 ps)​

(strBase / 2) + 50 + strOffs; | turned into | strBase + strOffs;

No young player status.​

No Trammel. (except for Ice Haven)

All Facets are under Felucca ruleset.

You start out in the Ice Haven.

Cast spells while moving… 



Pitch dark nights…

Starting a guild only costs 333.

Standard gold loot has been cut in half. Boss and champ loot remains unchanged. 

Max LRC is limited to 75%.

Hue your pets and anything in your backpack with the [hue command.​

LAND CLAIMS! See forum for details.​

New player area where you can macro skills and buy / sell in peace. (Ice Haven)

Cannibalism. (All pieces are edible and give you a short term murder count but eating the brain gives you a 5 point boost to all stats for 30 minutes.)

Custom Ranked PVP duel pits with tournaments!


Yard decoration.

Real Texas Holdum Poker on top of Umbra bank.​


MULTIPLE MASS STORAGE ITEMS found on the corresponding vendor​

A crafting paradise north of Heartwood (the city).​

Start out as a second year vet and gain an additional year once every 30 days.​

Mythic token takes you to 75 skill in 5 skills and maxes out your stats.​

Regular horse has a backpack.​

Short term murders take 3 hours to decline while long term murders take 48 hours.​

All selling “to” vendors disabled. (FOR NOW)​

ALL resources except gems have a massive price increase on vendors.​

Resource harvesting has been adjusted to work with the reduced skill cap.​

Zero ore loss on smelting failure!​

The weight of each ore type has been reduced to 1 stone.​

Once you reach 60 in macing, lumberjacking, or both you will begin learning those skills through combat.​

Get full value for banking your Large BOD points (instead of 20%) and 20% of your small bod points (instead of 2%).​

On tame pets lose 75% of their stats.​

Arty generation is as follows​

double preArty = Imbuing.GetMaxWeight(item) + 100;​

double arty = 600 – preArty;​

Max weight for jewelry slots is 70.​

Max weight for armor and weapon slots is 200.​

Max properties that can be imbued are equal to the max property that can be found on loot resulting in higher props for less weight.​

Success chance to imbue has been increased to 100%+

Any item can be enhanced or imbued regardless of almost all properties except for negative properties.​

There are 3 imbuable clothing slots (kilt, sash, and cloak) all acting as a piece of jewelry.​

Alchemy, Inscription, Spirit Speak, and Imbuing all provide a 25% SDI bonus at GM.​

Lumberjacking and Mining both provide 50% melee damage bonus each on any melee weapon.​

No caps on weapon damage, swing speed increase, enhance potions, reflect physical damage, or stats.

Mark recall runes in houses and recall or gate directly into houses.

Recall even when overloaded.

When passing through a gaterecalling, or entering or exiting a dungeon all followers currently following you will be teleported to your location.​

Ethereal mounts when hued in statue form will retain their hue while mounted.​

House addons are not affected by walls or by hanging off of the edge of your house or doors.​

All resource gathering tools have unlimited uses.​

All bashing weapons can be used to harvest ores and granite.​

Logs and Ores weight has been reduced to 1.​

All resource banks have been more than cut in half in the quantity of resources contained within.​

Sheep provide 9x the wool and respawn instantly upon death in the Yew.​

Players have vision into their own and other peoples houses without having to step foot on the steps. This allows entry from the east and north sides of houses.​

Place any of the new custom castles and keeps INCLUDING the custom castle and keep plots.​

The summoning quest in DOOM will result in 1000 daemon bones after killing the summoned boss. (allowing passage into the gauntlet)​

Super slayers do the same damage as slayers.​

Server restart occurs at midnight central USA time.

Current list Custom items and addons listed below and found in the UO store…​

Magical Thigh Boots that increase movement speed to mount speed while on foot​

House step addons that allow entry from any side of the house​

Imbuable Kilt, Imbuable Sash, Imbuable Cloak (all a piece of jewelry)​

FivePercentSSIJewelEnergy (adds 5% ssi to any jewelry slot)​

fivepercenthciarmorenergy (adds 5% hci to any armor slot)​

PotionOfResurrection (instantly revives its target (player or bonded pet))​