UO Insanity is under development. The current state of UO Insanity should not be considered even close to the final version.

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225 max stats 75 max individual stat / 560 max skill points 80 max individual skill points.

The back story (sets up the shard for the journey to the main map.)

Once apon a time deep in the forests of sosaria a portal to an unknow location apeared from no where. Once discovered and word traveled it quickly became known as a portal to a lush new land sprawling with resources. As people came and went through the portal more and more came to see with their own eyes and to experience the awe of the new lands. Many started claiming land and building a city complete with farms and livestock. Soon the Lord of Britannia caught wind and quickly put an end to the wonderous portal as it was known. He warned those who wished to stay that it was not what it seemed but they couldn’t resist. The portal was bannished from sossaria and those who stayed on the other side along with it.

Life was wonderful in the new world. Way better than life in Sosaria for sure! But one day… as soon as the city was built and the food stocks plenty… the rocks crumbled around the valley mountain sides and out swarmed creatures they never encountered before. Creatures of such power! People were falling with just one blow so they retreated to the mountain caves… once to dark and treacherous to even think about entering… now their only hope. They crept through the pitch black for days if not weeks… there was no way to know because they left their clocks… too bulky for escaping. Soon they heard sounds from where they came but luckily daylight just ahead! They made it! But what to do now? They were in pursuit. Luckily one man keen in the manufacture of explosives was quick to act collapsing the entrance thus preventing them from discovering the way into this new land.

Quickly they realized that it was already inhabited by creatures they knew and could easily take on in a fight. As a party they killed the foul creatures and paved a way for a new city… Tuteme was born and from it new travelers arrive quite often as it seems more gates open up in Sosaria. It seems though that the gates are only one way now and still it’s unknown how they are being created. Most importantly WHO is behind this as many still suffer from mental anguish. Rumors and stories of the path to the lost city are commonly told. One rumor is that one day someone brave enough will lead them back through to retake their city.

One thing has come from their journey through the caves that they could never imagine… an innate connection with jewelry and hooded shrouds… its as if a new magical power was instilled into thier souls somewhere in the darkness. Even in the city of Tuteme newcomers are blessed with this power. Many believe its the power they need to retake the old city but some care not and believe the entity behide the portals and the deaths of their loved once is playing games with them.


The shard is hosted in the USA.